Introductions - Armen Amirian

The first participant in my Introductions project is Armen Amirian.  I had asked an acquaintance from my camera club, Karen Kruger, to participate in Introductions, but she said she would prefer to wait until the weather warms up since the plan was to photograph her riding her motorcycle.  In the meantime, Karen introduced me to Armen Amirian, her friend and an avid motorcycle mechanic.

During the day, Armen is a machinist for the Metropolitan Opera House.  He's worked at the Opera for over 25 years.  In this role, he fabricates parts for the stage and sets of the Opera.  On nights and weekends however, Armen spends his time with motorcycles - riding, repairing and teaching motorcycle owners how to repair and upgrade their own bikes.  In the past he's written technical articles for Motorcycle magazines in the US, UK, and Australia, as well as worked as a race bike mechanic.  Armen has been teaching classes and doing one-on-one lessons for over 35 years.  He has formally taught classes at Ryders Alley in NYC.  If you are interested in attending one of Armen's Motorcycle Maintenance Seminars, click on this link to the Ryders Alley site and go to 'Clinics':

On the night of the shoot, Armen was having a one-on-one teaching session at a motorcycle garage in Manhattan.  The garage housed several hundred motorcycles of varying types - street bikes, track bikes and dirt bikes - some of which get daily use and some which haven't been ridden in years.  The the owner of a 1971 BMW R60/5, Joe Wojak, was working with Armen to upgrade the BMW's charging system and the ignition from a breaker point to an electronic ignition.   They graciously let me take photos of them as they went about their work, and Joe even ran to get us pizza.

Armen lives in Clifton, NJ with his girlfriend, three dogs and three cats.  Stay tuned to see who Armen introduces me to...

Introductions - Armen Amirian Collage.jpg