Project 52

Week 12 - Close Up Of The Latest Electronic Gizmo

I spent a couple of days researching the latest electronic gizmos...bluetooth speakers, apple watches, top 10 lists from the last consumer electronics show and tech magazines.  I kept coming back to a drone.  Doug volunteered to buy (himself) a drone, but I nixed that idea.  I put out a "please help" post on Facebook to see if anyone I knew owned a drone that I could photograph, on the ground, i.e. not in a situation where I might damage it.  One friend said her husband was waiting for a stiff wind to knock his out of a tree.  Since the weather had been picture perfect, waiting for a breeze didn't seem like it would fit my timeline.  Another friend wrote to volunteer the drone that her husband and sons had made, so I jumped at the chance.

After receiving a demo on how to fly the drone, I quickly relinquished the remote control to its owner and set to work on my photograph.  The brief was to feature a small (no larger than 4" x 4") area of the gadget across a double page spread of a brochure.  I wanted to shoot the object so that one side was red and one was blue - to mimic the lights on a real jet or the look of a flight at the break of dawn.  I decided on a picture of the rotor - the rest of the body seemed generic. 

I didn't want the main part of the image, the center of the rotor blades, to be directly in the gutter of the brochure (where the two facing pages of a magazine come together), so I made sure I offset the image slightly.  The base of the rotor was a metallic green, so I added a green gel to one of my flashes back lighting that part of the drone to accentuate that color.  I then added a flash with a blue gel focused on the right most rotor and some of the background, but the blue didn't light up the rotor enough. I combined the blue with a magenta gel and that seemed to give the pop for which I was looking.  My final addition was a grid on a speedlight with a red gel on the left most rotor. 

Here is the resulting image:

Behind the scenes of my drone shoot

Behind the scenes of my drone shoot

Next week's brief is another product shot.  However, we have the opportunity to shoot whatever product we choose in any size / shape / style we prefer.  I'm looking to improve on shooting bottles, so I'm leaning toward a wine bottle image.  We'll see where I get!