Project 52

Assignment 17 - Cellphones in Use

Assignment 17 represents the 33% completion point on my 52 Week Project.  While it’s hard to believe that this much of the project has been done, I’m encouraged that I’m looking forward to the next 35 weeks!  This week’s assignment was to create a poster to show parents, schools, administrators and local government how a cell phone can be used for protection, and to announce a new “Protection First” campaign.  “Protection First” is a (fictional) joint project between local law enforcement and a cellular company to provide ‘safety phones’ to youngsters who have to walk home from school.

We were encouraged to create a dramatic shot, which could mean scary, endearing, or pragmatic.  While I assessed a few options, I kept coming back to a scary shot with a teenager walking alone on a dark street.  I reached out to a family friend to ask if her daughter would be willing to be my subject, and she was excited to participate.

We got started before dark, setting up the scene and taking some test shots.  As it started to get darker, we tried two different scenarios.  The first was to have a car sitting near the path she was walking on with it’s headlights on, almost stalking her.  We set the lighting up to look like an overhead street light with another flash on the side to light her up slightly.  We tried a few scenarios of her looking at the car, running away from the car, and her texting.  In order for the cell phone to show up in the dark, we turned on the flashlight on the phone.  Here is the image from this scenario:

The second scenario was to make it look as though a car was approaching the subject.  There was a streetlight next to the scene and the car headlights provided some light, so we used a flash to supplement the headlights (gave more light to the subject’s face) and a fill light to give a bit more light to her body.  She held up her phone to make it more visible in the scene and in addition, her face showed a bit more panic than the images from the first scenario.  With these two changes, I decided to submit this picture for the assignment, as I felt it met the brief a bit better:


Which do you prefer? 

Next week’s assignment is a shot of a piece of sports equipment being used in an individual sport.  The image must have a person, or part of a person (for example, the hands) in the shot.  Come back next week to see what I captured – I’ve lined up a BMX biker and possibly a boxer for this one!