Project 52

Assignment 18 - Individual Sports Gear

This week's assignment was to photograph a piece of sports equipment used in an individual (vs. team) sport.  The image was to be used in a number of different trade magazines, so we had to shoot a bit loose so it could be cropped to various sizes, and had to have room for text.  I had a few different ideas, but the ones I kept coming back to were boxing and BMX racing.  As I began to do some research, I found Hunterdon County BMX, which is about a little over an hour from home.  The track has been around since 1981.

After some back and forth correspondence with Trevor Hoeckele, who runs the facility, he agreed to let me use his son as a model.  I met Trevor and his son, Jake, at the Hunterdon County BMX track in Flemington, NJ on a warm, cloudy Saturday in early November.  They were in the midst of preparing to host the Fall Classic Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race the next day.  They expected 200 riders and 400 total guests for the event.  On Saturday, however, we had the track to ourselves.

Jake was in his red, white and blue "Team Heckler" apparel, which was sponsored by Fly Racing.  I decided instead of focusing on the bike as the piece of sporting equipment, we would make the shot about Jake's sponsored gear.  We took a bunch of action shots as Jake raced around the track, jumping through the course, and also did some posed shots.  I need a little more practice to get the timing right on the jumps, but for a newbie at BMX photography, I think it turned out okay.  A lot of fuzzy shots, but got the image below of Jake mid-jump:

We took a number of posed shots at various places around the track - next to the "Fly Racing" banner, in the winners circle and on the course.  My favorite of the posed shots, and the one I submitted for the assignment is below of Jake on the course:

Thanks to Trevor and Jake for allowing me to take some photos while they were preparing for the race.  Hopefully I'll get back down there and get a bit better at my action shots! 

Next week's assignment is entitled "How We Roll" and will focus on a mode of transportation for an insurance brochure.  I've reached out to a Segway dealer...we'll see if they get back to me.