Project 52

Assignment 21 - Triptych

The assignment for week 21 had wide open subject matter - each of us could choose the subject we wanted to shoot, but we had to make a triptych - three images presented together that complement each other.  I brainstormed a bunch of ideas across different genres: portraits, food, products, so deciding on what to shoot turned out to be the toughest part of this week's assignment. 

Back in week 8, I had reached out to Patty Lazzara, a flutist, for the subject "air."  She and I couldn't coordinate a time for that assignment, but we had recently been in touch, so I suggested we work together on some images I could use for the triptych. 

On the night of the shoot, Patty came with three instruments: a flute, an alto flute and a piccolo.  I thought it would make an interesting triptych if if I were to create something using one shot of each instrument.  We took some portraits as well as some close-up shots of Patty's hands playing each instrument.   [As a side note, I missed making an image I've been wanting to make, because I didn't write down my shot list - and I usually write EVERYTHING down - lesson learned.]  After we finished, Patty offered to stick around while I photographed the instruments, but I knew getting set up to get the lighting right on the shiny flutes would take a bit of time, so I declined.  I regretted that as soon as Patty left...lesson learned #2. 

Once the shoot was complete, I worked on a couple of versions of the triptych.  My original thought had been to create three landscape images within a vertical format (i.e., three images stacked on top of eachother).  I selected the three images I'd use for that format and put those to the side.  Then I identified three portrait images to be used on a horizontal format (i.e., three images side by side).  I edited those images and created the horizontal format first.  I added a background of sheet music to the image, but it wasn't turning out as I had imagined it in my head.  That triptych is below.   

After looking for inspiration, I came across an unusual triptych on someone's instagram feed.  That person's three images were holiday related (holly and christmas desserts), but what attracted me to it was that each image was unusually cropped.  They were stacked on top of each other, per my original plan, so I decided to try it.  I used a close up of Patty's hands playing the piccolo, a close up portrait of Patty playing the alto flute, and a shot from the back of Patty playing the flute with sheet music.    Here is the resulting triptych:


Because of the holidays, we have some extra time to shoot the next assignment - creating a set of images for an editorial story on my town as a secret holiday destination.  As of the time of writing this, there is no snow on the ground and it is 55° in the middle of December, so Mahwah's best winter attraction - its ski slope - is out of play.  It is giving me a good excuse to learn a bit more about my area, so come back next week to see what I found!