Hands On - Doug Hettrick and Terri Brophy

If you are looking for the perfect cake for your next special occasion, check out the work of Silver City Cakes:  www.silvercitycakes.com.   Brother and sister team Doug Hettrick and Terri Brophy will gladly create a custom cake that will amaze your guests.

The pair has long had an interest in baking, having grown up watching their mother make cakes, but they were never allowed to help!  In 2002, they went to school at the Connecticut Culinary Institute for a certificate in culinary science and began making cakes for family and friends.  Doug and Terri are two of eight siblings, each of them having children of their own, so they had a lot of practice.

They operated in this manner for several years when they decided to turn their hobby into a business, and they incorporated under the name Silver City Cakes in 2010.   Their hometown, Meriden, CT, was known as the Silver City, due to the silver company where their father worked, so the name suited them.  Due to growing demand, they built a commercial grade kitchen in Doug’s house in 2013, and have been running their business from there ever since.  I caught up with the pair last weekend in their kitchen as they prepared cakes for an 8th and a 50th birthday, as well as making 200 cake pops for a bridal show they were attending as a marketing event for their business.  

When asked about their favorite part of the process, Doug and Terri agreed that the best part was customizing and personalizing every cake.  Doug’s preference is designing the cakes – freehand drawing them to give the customer an idea of what they will look like.  Terri’s favorite part is the assembly and getting to see the final product.   There was universal agreement that baking is the most tedious activity. 

They primarily make three flavors of cake: white, chocolate and yellow, but there are an infinite number of fillings they put in them.  To expand into an underserved market, the pair is working on Gluten free and Dairy free recipes.  Recently they ventured from their normal flavors and made a banana cake with banana foster’s filling…I almost ordered one on the spot! 

Thanks to my dear friends for allowing me to invade their space and take pictures while they worked.  It was great catching up…I only wish they were making a NY Giants cake instead!  Follow Silver City Cakes on Facebook, where they frequently post pictures of their creations.