Introductions - Frank Grazioli

Have you ever thought about packing it all in and trying something new?  I’m talking completely different.  Today’s Introductions participant, Frank Grazioli, did just that. 

A little over a year ago, Doug and I were having dinner with our college friend Paul, and his partner, Frank.  Frank was kicking around the idea of going back to grad school.  When we asked what he wanted to study, he replied that he was thinking about getting a master’s degree in Social Work.  Fast forward 12 months, and he is just about to complete his first year of a two-year program at NYU's Silver School specializing in Clinical Social Work.  This comes after a 30 year career in publishing, 29 years of which were spent at the same company.

In addition to a full course load, a 4.0 GPA in his first semester, and getting inducted into the National Honor Society for Social Work, Frank has spent the past semester working at a couple of internships focusing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Layman's translation: he is helping those with addictions recognize the situations that trigger their negative behavior in order to avoid those situations in the future.  One of his internships is at the New York Psychiatric Institute at Columbia Medical Center, working with pathological gamblers, a world Frank has found fascinating.  Ultimately, Frank would like to pursue post-graduate studies to get enough hours under his belt to enable him to go into private practice, working with families and couples. 

In the meantime, Frank is lining up his summer plans. He will continue to intern at Columbia Medical Center, but has also received a research fellowship to be mentored by a doctor at NYU Langone.  The doctor is studying the effect of the physical relocation of addiction treatment programs between medical facilities after Hurricane Sandy shuttered some hospitals.  He is experimenting with mobile technology and social media as ways to keep in touch with patients and to build community among them.  Frank anticipates some of his time will be spent writing journal articles for the doctor, based on his research.

Introductions - Frank Grazioli-21.jpg

I’d like to thank Frank for spending the afternoon enlightening me on the world of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and allowing me to take his portrait.  It was a great experience to be back on a college campus, getting a small taste of something completely different.