8 Weeks of Portraits

Week 5 - Albert Watson

The photographer for Week 5 of my 8 weeks of portraits is Albert Watson.  Watson was born in Scotland, and moved to the US at the age of 28.  He shot over 100 covers for Vogue magazine, but doesn't characterize himself as a fashion photographer.  Watson was the photographer behind the iconic portrait of Steve Jobs which graced the cover of the book "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson.

There is no "one style" that describes Watson, but two series of his work resonated with me.  The first was a commission for the Neiman Marcus Fall 2010 'Art of Fashion' campaign.  Watson himself took inspiration from a Czech photographer named Drtikol.  The campaign was processed in very muted tones and also showed a lot of geometric shapes.  I improvised on the shapes (the ball is actually a yoga ball), and here is the image Carrie and I created.

Sarah-Flannery-8 week - Albert Watson-1.jpg

Watson made many images with a very strong shadow, a style which I tend to avoid.  I attempted a few other images with Carrie that utilized the geometric shapes and strong shadow.  The one below is another favorite from the shoot. 

8 Week Portrait Class 102 - Albert Watson - Carrie Edwards-047-Edit-Edit_pp.jpg

The second body of work that struck me was his work for Fedoras for Fairness, a campaign fighting for fairness for women immigrants.  Watson shot a number of famous people for the campaign, but there are hundreds of images of "normal" people shot as part of the project.  I took a couple images of Carrie for class in this style. 

My niece, Stella, even got in on the act.  Here is her Watson image.   Next week's photographer is Mark Seliger...stay tuned!