8 Weeks of Portraits

Week 7 - Frank Ockenfels and Week 8 - Greg Gorman

I've decided to combine my last two posts.  Next week I'll start blogging about my next adventure, a 52 week project focused on commercial photography - some portraits, some product and food images, and who knows what else!

Week 7's assignment was portrait photographer Frank Ockenfels.  Ockenfels has shot celebrity portraits for most major magazines, has photographed lots of album covers, and has created countless movie posters and advertisements for TV shows such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad.  Ockenfels' work doesn't demonstrate a single style - you can't pin down his look because it varies wildly.  My friend, Laura Warren, was kind enough to pose for me, and we worked on some soft focus images.  Afterwards, I took the results into Photoshop and played around with different color processing techniques similar to images I saw in Ockenfels' portfolio, attempting to get a sepia tone with a film type frame on one and a cyanotype look with texture in the other.  Our results are below:

Week 8's assignment was photographer Greg Gorman.  Gorman is another portrait photographer who has numerous well known magazine covers to his name.  He's known for contrasty black and whites, which is a style I love.  So Carrie was back on the posing stool and we went to work...the first shot was inspired by a campaign Gorman did for LA Eyeworks.  We were inspired by a portrait of Madonna.

The second image we made was inspired by a Gorman portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio.  The image was completely black except the center of DiCaprio's face.  We attempted a few different camera, light and flag positions, but didn't get the entire area black without having some odd shadows.  Regardless, I'm happy with the way the image came out.

This marks the end of my 8 Weeks of Portraits.  Thanks for looking at my images.  As I mentioned, I start a new adventure next week.  I hope you join me on that 52 week journey!