Project 52

Week 2 - Vision Statement

Week 2 of my 52 Week project was to define a personal vision statement for my work and illustrate it in a photograph. I found this task difficult, because I had never really given much thought to a vision statement.  I know I like to shoot people in their environment, going about their work, but I wasn’t sure how to articulate that into a meaningful one liner.  I had a “Hands On” blog shoot scheduled with an old friend who is now making handbags (blog post coming soon).  I figured I’d do the shoot and see if I could come up with an idea for a vision statement after looking at the pictures. 

During the shoot, I was focused on working on the things that I’ve been battling – getting the attention on the subject and away from the busy backgrounds of the locations in which I normally shoot.  This workspace was quite well organized, but that organization put a lot of paintbrushes, sewing instruments, and other objects in shiny bins directly behind the subject.  To do this, I brought a softbox with me to keep the light focused, instead of using my umbrella which tends to shoot light everywhere.  I also underexposed the ambient (other light in the room) to keep the flash on the subject as the main light source.  I’ll let you be the judge, but I think it worked.

As for the vision statement, it took a few iterations, but I finally came up with “Visual Storytelling.”  This is what I’m trying to achieve with my pictures when I shoot, so it seemed to make sense.  Here is the image I submitted for the project:

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