Project 52

Week 4 - Entrepreneur Portrait for a Magazine Cover

Week 4's assignment was to shoot a portrait of an entrepreneur for a magazine cover.  I'm actively trying to use "real" subjects for the assignments, so I began by searching google for "Bergen County Entrepreneurs."  I found a group on as well as the Bergen County Professional Women's Network (BCPWN).  I wrote the coordinators of both groups to see if any members needed portraits taken, and got responses from them both.

Mary Adams, the coordinator for the BCPWN, needed new images for her company's website, so she and I met up on a Friday afternoon in her office to do the shoot.  Mary's company, Event Consulting Group, coordinates conferences, meetings, and executive education sessions for corporations and associations.  Ahead of the shoot, Mary and I discussed what we were looking to show with the images, and came up with some key words: confident, approachable, organized and customer service oriented.  When I arrived at her office, it was very tastefully decorated, was well organized, and had beautiful window light. 

We began by taking a few shots using the natural light from the window.  I wasn't happy with the just using the window light, so we set up a single light in an umbrella and balanced it with the ambient light to bring in some of the city below her office.  We tried a number of poses around her office, but the one I chose for the assignment is below in the magazine layout.

I also wanted to try something fun - something to visually portray the coordination and multi-tasking that someone in a role like Mary's would have to do on a daily basis.  I came up with "juggling" as the concept I wanted to try, but unfortunately Mary isn't a juggler.  We attempted a few single shots to get the balls in the air, but it didn't work.  I quickly set up my tripod to enable me to shoot and combine multiple images.  The shot to the right is a composite of a number of images, getting the tennis balls in varying paths of flight.

Next week's assignment is to shoot an image that "screams chocolate."  For me the biggest challenge is going to be not eating the subject before the shoot is over!  Thanks for reading my always, if you want to follow along and get these delivered right to your email box, enter your email address in the subscribe box to the right.