Project 52

Week 5 - Scream Chocolate

This week's assignment was to shoot an image that "screams chocolate."  While it could be any subject - a portrait, a still life, or a product shot, the image had to be a square for use in a menu at a restaurant.  

Last week's subject, Mary, referred me to a friend who makes hand made chocolates.  I was anxious to meet this woman, because I thought it would be a great cross-over post with my Hands On series.  Unfortunately, we couldn't get our schedules to coordinate because the chocolatier only has access to her commercial kitchen during the day (she shares with a restaurant that is open evenings) and that conflicted with my work schedule.  On to Plan B...I reached out to a chocolate shop in a neighboring town, but their chocolate maker was on vacation.  After walking into the shop, I decided on the spot that Plan C was to shoot a still life because the chocolates were beautifully presented and smelled delicious!

I bought some chocolates and a small cake, as I had a number of ideas in my head.  Because of work and some personal commitments, I couldn't try them all, so I went with my original idea.  I got two shots that I was pleased with using backlighting through a shoot through umbrella and an additional scrim, and white cards around 75% of the image.  Here is shot #1 that I submitted for the project critique:

The second image was taking with similar lighting, but from a different camera angle.  I'm curious as to which image you prefer (feel free to comment below), because when I opened it up for feedback with some of my project-mates, the vote was almost 50 - 50.  I ended up going with the above image because I felt the focus was more on the chocolate and therefore more relevant for the brief of "screams chocolate."

Thanks again for sticking with me.  Next week's assignment is to make an image of a Chef with his/her signature dish or a recipe.  I'm off to the gym to work off all this chocolate!