Project 52

Week 6 - A Cook And A Recipe

The brief for Week 6 was to shoot a Cook in the kitchen with their signature dish, or a food centered shot showing off the ingredients for a recipe.  The food centered shot should have a sign of the chef in the image; a hand putting on finishing touches, as an example.  I immediately knew that I wanted to shoot a local restaurateur, a woman who makes homemade pasta.  I wrote to the restaurant, but never got a reply.  My next attempt was to get a sushi chef at a restaurant we frequent.  The owner checked with the chefs, but they were all too shy to have their picture taken.

After contemplating my options, I was flipping through a copy of a Wegman's magazine and noticed that I liked the way they presented their recipes - raw ingredients on the top with the finished dish on the bottom.  I decide to make an image of chicken shish kebabs, because it would have a lot of ingredients, with many different colors and textures.  It would also make a good lunch after the shoot! 

I wanted bright light, to make the food look really fresh and vibrant, so I backlit the image and surrounded the scene with white foamcore boards.  The resulting image is below:

I'm pleased with the image, but disappointed I wasn't able to find a chef.  I'm going to keep working on finding one, so if you know of anyone who would be willing to participate, let me know in the comments below!

Next week's brief is to shoot an image for a point of purchase display for garden tools / equipment.  I've reached out to a few local major and minor league baseball teams to get pictures of their groundskeeping crew.  If you'd like to see if I get a response, enter your email address in the Subscribe box at right.