Project 52

Week 7 - The Roots of Power

The brief for “The Roots of Power” is a garden shot in my style. The image is to be used for a large Point Of Purchase display for gardening tools. There were detailed specifications regarding the image size (36 x 24), shape (vertical), and we were given a layout with text into which we needed to place the image.

I wanted to redeem myself from last week's inability to find a chef, so I began to think of interesting subjects that would fit the brief.  I thought that getting a groundskeeper at a ball park would be awesome - baseball, soccer, football, professional or minor league - it didn't matter.  I started networking, checking LinkedIn, and using email addresses I could find on the internet to see if I could make contact.  I reached out to four different baseball teams, including the Yankees and their local minor league affiliate in Staten Island, but no luck. 

After a couple days with no response, I quickly moved on and went to our local county golf course.  The superintendent was willing to allow me to take pictures of the grounds crew, as long as it wouldn't be used in publication.  I didn't think my blog qualified, so I made arrangements to head to the club early Sunday morning to meet the crew, since they only worked from 5am - 9am on weekends. 

I arrived to a very enthusiastic group of guys, who piled me into a cart with my gear and we headed to the 18th green.  They assured me that no one on the course would be making the bend onto 18 while we were there, so we went to work.  At first, I attempted to shoot with natural light, but the sun was a bit too high in the sky to get a good shot.  I set up a speedlight, but probably should've pulled a second out of my bag, because one wasn't doing a great job overpowering the deep shadows from the sun.   Lesson learned for next time!

I had a few shots of one of the crew digging a new hole on the 18th green, but the sun was forcing him to squint, so I this is the image I submitted for class:

I also took a shot of the entire grounds crew, to thank them for being great sports!

While it would've been awesome to stand on the field at Yankee Stadium (a dream of mine since I was about 5) to photograph their grounds crew, these guys put a smile on my face for the entire day.  I even found out that Larry, the gentlemen on the "Groundsmaster" above is a leather worker, so I'm trying to get him to participate in my Hands On blog series. 

Next week's brief is a bit different and a chance to be over the top creative or maybe not...we have to shoot "Air."  Stay tuned for that one!