Project 52

Week 10 - Pet Products

The assignment for week 10 was to photograph a pet toy, accessory, food, etc. for an advertisement in a trade publication.  There was to be text on the ad - a large three row headline, and then several lines of smaller text elsewhere on the image.  I thought about all the usual pet items - a collar, leash, bowl - but none of them seemed terribly exciting.  I looked on some high end online pet stores, and contemplated creating a scene with a mixed drink and a stuffed bottle of Arfsolut Vodka or Barkardi Rum.

One day on lunch, I strolled over to Walmart and hit the pet aisles.  Sure enough, I found it...the K-9 Kannon.  Not only would it be a good subject, but our labrador retriever, Bentley would get a lot of use out of it after the photo shoot as well.  I could tell the K-9 Kannon packed a lot of power, because it had 15 nylon zip ties holding it to the packaging so no one could shoot it off in Walmart.

After getting the Kannon home and ordering three 18-packs of tennis balls (again, these will not got to waste in a household with a retriever) I set up the scene and tested all the lights before bringing my "model" into the shot.  I expected Bentley to go wild and dance in circles - tennis balls usually do that to him - but he approached the area trepidatiously due to all the lighting equipment and foam core bounce cards.  It took about 30 minutes and A LOT of treats, but we finally got a usable image out of the effort.  I liked him looking at the K-9 Kannon vs. looking at the camera, so I went with the shot below:

I can say for certain that I will never be a pet photographer...not enough cooperation from the model.  Bentley was a bit freaked out by the flashes.  In fairness, Bentley is freaked out by most things, but I felt a little bad torturing him over and over with the flash. 

Next week's assignment is to shoot a very shiny object.  We'll see where that goes...