Project 52

Assignment 25 - Fragrance Advertorial

You may be asking yourself "What is an Advertorial?"  According to the definition I found during a google search, it is "a newspaper or magazine advertisement giving information about a product in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article."  I'm sure you've seen them - they are popping up all over these days and are some times hard to distinguish from a real magazine article.  

This week's assignment was to photograph three images for a Fragrance advertorial.  We were given a layout, and each of the three images had different dimensions and orientations: one was landscape, one a square, and the main, full-page image being portrait orientation.  We could use a human model in the main image, or we could do still life images for all three.  

In general, how do you communicate a fragrance with a still image?  I set to work right away on this one, as I expected it to take a bit of effort.  My sister-in-law received a bottle of Pleasures by Estee Lauder for Christmas, and she let me borrow it as the star of the show.  I reached out to someone who has modeled for me in the past to line up a model.  The final image I was stuck on, so that required more thought.  

Although the Pleasures box was pink, the bottle was clear.  To bring some pink into the shot with the bottle, I bought some airy pink fabric to put on the table top.  I put a large softbox overhead and took the initial shot.   Then I began surrounding the edges with black cards to make the edges and the lettering on the bottle stick out.  This is the final image, which is a combination of 4 shots: 

The model I had worked with in the past wasn't available, but she referred a friend.  Based on my description of the shoot and clothing I was after, she brought a few changes of clothes and her make up.  We discussed how the shoot would play out in terms of warddrobe and make up, she got ready and we set to work.  She is an aspiring actress, so she had some fun with different poses and  showing her enjoyment of the product.   Our biggest issue was keeping the label facing the camera!  Here is the selected  shot from my session with the model:

P52 Assignment 25-135-Edit.jpg

Finally, I had to come up with the landscape shot.  The original layout color was green (I've changed it to pink because I like it better with my various images), so I decided to do a still life set up, with the perfume bottle, some books and some flowers in a room in our house that is painted green.  It's my least favorite of the three shots.

Here is the final product in the layout we were given:

Next week's assignment is to shoot an advertisement for a local cosmetics company, using a prop in the scene to help set the stage.  I have a couple of options - I've got some nail polishes I bought when I shot the Essie bottle a few weeks ago and I found a bag of cosmetics in a drawer that was a "free gift" when I made a purchase a few years ago, so I may shoot both and see what I like better.  Stay tuned next week to see how it turned out!