Project 52

Week 6 - Death By Chocolate

The toughest part about taking pictures of chocolate is not eating it before you are done.  Seriously.  Then I decided to go one fudge sundaes.  This, my friends, was tough.  Because then the hardest part now becomes keeping the ice cream from melting as you re-shoot 25 times to get the right looking "pour" of the syrup...multiplied by three sundaes.  Oh yeah, and not eating them.

Since the theme was "death by chocolate," mere sundaes alone wouldn't cut it.  So I bought a big bag of mixed Hershey's candy and went to town placing it around the empty sundae dishes.  I also made sure I had all the other necessary props - extra candy for the sundaes, syrup, etc. - at the ready in the studio.  It took a few minutes to get the lighting right - lights 90° to camera right and camera left, each shooting through a scrim, a light shining on the white background, and a white foam core board in front, kicking light onto the front of the chocolate.  After several test shots and the camera firmly planted on the tripod, I ran to the kitchen to grab the ice cream.  [I could've created "fake" ice cream using numerous recipes you can find on the internet, but what's the fun in that?]

Now the clock was ticking.  I quickly, but carefully, scooped the ice cream into the dishes, and added candy to the top.  I grabbed the camera remote and we were on our way.  As I poured the syrup on the sundae on the right, I clicked the shutter to get the syrup in mid-pour.  I repeated this a few more times on each of the sundaes to get the right look.  When done, I took some shots of the finished sundaes.

I had intentionally bought low-carb ice cream and sugar free syrup, so that we could eat the sundaes without feeling too guilty.  I found Doug watching football and handed him a sundae.  Then it struck me that an "after" shot might be fun.  When we were done, I took the dirty dishes and spoons up to the studio and had some fun.  Using the same light setup, I played around with different angles and lenses.  Here are a few of the resulting images:

I then grabbed the empty Hershey's wrappers and tossed them around the scene.  Why not try some product photography while I'm here?  After a few attempts, here is the image I think came out the best:

Over the next few weeks I'll be traveling for work, so it is likely that I'm going to skip the assigned photos and work on some marketing plans and portfolio images.  See you back here in a few weeks!