Project 52

Week 3 - Still Life With a Flower

This week's theme was to shoot a still life scene with a flower.  I kicked around a few ideas, but settled on a champagne bottle to make it more focused for my portfolio.  I did a couple of iterations of the shot. 

First, I wanted to get the highlights correct on the bottle, so I left the glasses out of the first shot.  The bottle and rose were placed on a glass reflective surface.  For lighting, I set up a softbox 90° to camera right and a strip box 90° to camera left.  White cards were placed to reflect light back on the front of the bottle and the label.  A spot was also placed on the background to provide a halo around the scene.  The resulting image is below:

After getting the lighting right, I grabbed a few champagne glasses and some strawberries to add to the scene.  I attempted a few pour shots, but I decided I liked the bubbling glasses the best.  It was the same lighting setup as the first image, of which I unfortunately forgot to snap an iPhone photo.  Here is the complete scene:

I don't know about you, but my preference is for the first scene without the glasses.  To me it seems cleaner and more realistic.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Next week's topic is to shoot an Entrepreneur.  In keeping with the liquor theme, I reached out to my (distant) cousin, who has recently taken over the family liquor store business and is doing a terrific job!