Project 52

Week 11 - A Pet Product

I'm not sure if you have noticed, but these days pets are like people's kids.  Gone are the days of used tennis balls and rawhide bones - you can buy virtually anything for your pet these days.  There are stuffed toys shaped like a Starbucks cup, jewel studded collars, costumes, and even "strategy games" using hidden treats to get the dog's mind working.  It's crazy.  With an overwhelming number of choices, I decided to go simple...a collar and a leash.  It doesn't get more basic than that.  I have to admit, they had an unusual color palette for a dog, but it gave me some options to work as far as backgrounds.

The assignment was to shoot to a layout for a trade magazine, so the first image I took was done with the layout in mind.  There was to be a lot of text, so I needed to leave quite a bit of space around the subject for the words.  I used a lime green background to pick up the lime green bones in the pattern on the leash, and came up with the image at right.  Not the most exciting photo, I have to admit, but the creative juices weren't flowing at this point.   

Freed from the constraints of the layout, I played around a bit to see what else I could do with the leash.  I decided to introduce some brown into the background using some scrapbook paper to accentuate that color in the subject as well.  

I tried a few linear options - having the leash follow the line of the paper and then crossing the line between the two different colors.  Here are the resulting shots:

The final attempt was inspired from last week's B&H porfolio development shoot of the belt.  I coiled up the leash and shot it on its own, without the collar.  

The set-up on this was quite simple - one light to camera right, slightly behind the subject, a white card for fill to camera left slightly in front of the subject, and a white card behind (not pictured in the Behind-the-Scenes) to control the reflection in the metal clasp.



Next week's subject is "A Really Shiny Something."  I'm weighing my options, but I'm thinking about a set of Moscow Mule glasses we received in our family gift exchange last year...stay tuned!