B&H Portfolio Development

When I think of Canal Street knockoffs, one of the first things I think of, after Louis Vuitton purses and Rolex watches of course, is Burberry scarves.  My shopping trip to Canal Street for my B&H portfolio development project did not disappoint.  They had Burberry scarves in almost every color in the rainbow in about 75% of the stores I entered.  I purchased what I think of as the classic plaid scarf – tan with a black, white and red pattern. 

This week I decided to photograph the scarf.  In my mind, I have an image of the scarf floating, and while I may try that soon, I set to work with the scarf firmly planted on the tabletop.  My initial shots were on a white background.  In the first one I styled the scarf into a “B” shape (for Burberry) and played around with the lighting.  Most of the lighting options I tried made the scarf look flat (read: boring), so I decided to go with some close-up shots instead. 

I spent some time rolling the scarf so that I could target in on the roll and the end of the scarf.  I brought the light in close and created some wrinkles in the scarf to get a good mix of light and shadow.  Here are a couple of shots created with the rolled up scarf:

China Town Knockoffs - Week 4-2.jpg

I pulled up the white background and laid down black.  I made a few more close ups with the black background and then decided to style the scarf as if someone was wearing it.  The natural folds of the scarf again created a good mix of highlights and shadows, which I like, because it gives the product dimension.  Here are a few of the resulting images:

I think next week’s subject is going to be knock-offs of Beats headphones.  Enter your email and hit “Subscribe” on the right to get the post delivered right to your email!

The behind-the-scenes shot for several of the layouts: