Project 52

Assignment 26 - Cosmetics

This assignment marks the halfway point in my 52 week project.  It doesn't feel like I've done 26 assignments and I'm also trying to figure out what to do to keep myself shooting when it ends!  

This assignment was to shoot an ad for a local cosmetics company, using something as a prop to help stage the cosmetics you choose to shoot.  I've been playing around with some nail polishes, so I did a test image with a bottle of "it's all greek to me" from OPI.  I played around with the location of the horizon line on the image, but never got it to a point where I was in love with it.  Here is that shot:

I moved on to some cosmetics I received as a free gift with another purchase.  The bag contained a couple of lipsticks, some eye shadow, an eye liner, and a few other bits and bobs.  I quickly settled on one of the lipsticks, as the bottle had a very geometrical pattern on it and I liked the color.  I spent multiple attempts trying to get it to look like an evening scene - dusky blue background with Christmas lights blurred out, a cocktail glass, and the lipstick.  Unfortunately the glass and the background always dominated the lipstick, which should be the star of  the advertisement.  

I decided to tip the glass over, to keep it proportional with the lipstick.  I then got the idea to have the mouth of the glass frame the lipstick, and have the last bits of the drink pouring out around the cap and tube.  I made a lip print on the glass, and positioned it to balance the color of the lipstick protruding from the tube.  I set to work getting the lighting right on the tube of lipstick - the shiny part of the tube always reflects its surroundings, so I positioned the light above and behind it so there wasn't a huge bright spot (which would result from front lighting).  I then used white cards and black cards to reflect the white and black strips on the tube, which helps show dimension, and to illuminate the logos.  Once that was all in place, I added the oozing red liquid (food coloring and glycerin).  The resulting image is a combination of six shots:

There is a hiatus next week, so I may try to reshoot one of the previous assignments or something else!  The following week's image is to make a shot of a fork (or forks) to accompany the tagline for a company who deals with change.  We weren't given the tagline, just that it had to be a killer image which featured a fork.  Additional props are permitted if they support, but not overshadow, the fork.  Food was specifically mentioned as a no no.  I've begun collecting one of each type of fork in the house (we have a a lot), so we'll see where I get.