Project 52

Assignment 27 - Forks

The assignment for Week 27 was to shoot a fork (or forks) for an ad for a company that deals with change.  Exciting subject matter, I know.  On the last page of the February issue of Martha Stewart living, there was a image of a hodge podge of heart shaped cooking cutters.  I took it as inspiration, because I guess the challenge of shooting one fork wasn't enough.  I also felt that presenting a lot of different types of forks represents change - lots of options to accomplish the same I ran about the house gathering one of every type of fork we had.  I quickly came to the realization that we have a lot of forks...serving forks, forks from carving sets, two pronged, decorative, dessert forks.  You name it, it appears we have that type of fork.  We even have a fork that looks like a hand which is part of a set of salad tongs.  

I brought them all to the studio and decided to use a rustic tile - a remanent from construction in Doug's bar - as the base of the image.  I wanted the shot to feel a bit gritty and rough - all the forks were used and therefore showed signs of wear, so I wanted a background to match.  I neatly arranged the forks and began to test the lighting.  I adjusted the forks here and there to ensure I had straight horizontal and vertical forks (I'm a bit anal).  After playing with the lighting and ensuring I was getting decent highlights, I got this shot:

After pondering the shot for a few days, I decided I wanted to try something with a bit more dynamic feel - less horizontals and verticals and more diagonals.  This shot took a bit of time to perfect, because the multiple directions of the forks and the random pattern made it more difficult to get the highlights correct.  I ended up blending together several shots to control the highlights.  This is the result:

I honestly can't decide which I prefer.  The first one appeals to Type A Sarah, but the second one shows a bit more "change" and I like the overall feel of it the best.  I ended up submitting the second one for the assignment.  Do you have a preference?  I'm curious, so I'd love some feedback in the comments section below.

Next week's assignment is to shoot an image for the cover of Pour magazine.  We need to show the object that is pouring, the glass or object that is being poured into, and some motion or a splash in the glass.  So many options, so little time!