Project 52

Assignment 28 - The Pour Shot

My photo studio smells of stale beer...apparently that's what happens when you spend an entire day trying to get a good image of beer pouring into a mug.  This week's assignment was to create an image for the front of "Pour" magazine.  Props include a bottle to pour from, or a can, or a container, and a glass/goblet/container to be poured into.  The other requirements were as follows:

  • We must show the color of the liquid being poured.
  • We must see the pour into the container.
  • The background must remain uncluttered.
  • The masthead of the magazine must be easily seen.

In order to ease the process, I cut the bottom off a bottle so I could just pour through the container and not worry about the bottle moving in every shot.  After some research, I found a tool on line for $15 which puts an initial cut around the bottom of a bottle.  You then alternately dip it in boiling and ice cold water until the bottom falls off.  It took a few tries to get the bottom off with the bottle remaining in decent shape.  Many thanks to Doug for being the bottle cutting engineer. 

After several attempts to get the lighting right on the glass and the bottle, I set to work pouring beer.  Needless to say, there were a lot of overflows, but this was the first decent attempt I was going to submit, until I asked Doug's opinion and he thought the angle of the pouring bottle was too steep:

I went back to the drawing board and reduced the bottle angle, which then required adjustments to the lighting and other elements.  After another few hours, I ended up with this.  I'm a bit disappointed there isn't more head on the beer and I think I liked the splash on the glass better in the first one, but time was up, so I submitted the one below.  The behind the scenes image is at the end for those who are interested.

Next week's shot is Women's Shoes and in particular, Heels.  I'm currently drawing a blank, so I many need to run out and buy a few fashion magazines to get some inspiration!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes