Project 52

Assignment 29 - Women's Heels

Those who know me can attest to the fact that my preferred choice of footwear resembles what my Aunt Betty refers to as "institution shoes," i.e. Dr. Marten-esque shoes with thick soles or sneakers.  Heels are something I wear when I have to - weddings, work, formal gatherings - I'm sure you get the picture.  When this week's assignment of "Women's Heels" came up, I drew a blank.  None of my heels are particularly trendy or in decent enough shape to have their picture taken - kinda like their owner! 

I called in reinforcements, my sister-in-law Emery, who is a shoe addict.  By the way, when I texted Em about borrowing her shoes, I used the term aficionado; I thought it sounded better than addict.  She came through in the pinch, delivering five pairs of heels one Friday night before we went out to dinner.  One pair, designed by Walter Steiger, bore his signature heel, The Claw.  The shape of the heel intrigued me, but I couldn't figure out what to do with the shoes to make an interesting image.  I spent the next morning trying to get some inspiration, which took the form of walking through a couple of stores and my house looking for something to pair with the shoes.  I found a vase that was the inverted shape of The Claw, so I decided to go with that.

Set up didn't take very long, as I'm in a bit of a lighting rut, so I went with one light overhead and slightly behind the shoes to start.  It wasn't enough light, so I added some white cards on the sides for fill light.  Once I started shooting, it confirmed what I was suspecting, that the reflections on the glass vase were a bit of a mess, so I put some cards in close to the vase to get nice white highlights and then masked the ugly reflections out of the image in Photoshop.  The behind the scenes shot is at the end of the post.

I played around a bit with the angle of the shoes, but liked the angle where the shoes were both pointing outward so the heels traced the outline of the vase.  I put some sheer black fabric in the vase to give it a little interest but not to be too distracting.  Once I assembled the final image in Photoshop, I added the reflection in the software.  The final image is below. 

Behind the Scenes shot

Behind the Scenes shot

I have four other pairs of shoes to play with, so I may try to do some different things with those.  We'll see! 

Next week's assignment is entitled "One Red Balloon."  We can make it anything we want.  Anyone know a clown who wouldn't mind having his or her picture taken?