Project 52

Assignment 34 - A Period Piece

This week's assignment was to shoot a period piece from the 1920's, 1940's, 1950's or 1960's.  I had lots of ideas but not much time for execution due to Easter weekend, coupled with the fact that we were leaving the following weekend for vacation in Hong Kong.  I kicked around some ideas with my cousin Courtney: a 1920's gangster scene using a Model A Ford, a Rosie the Riveter portrait, hippies, etc.

I reached out to a family friend, Julia, who has modeled for me in the past.  She's a dancer, so she has a lot of costumes from her performances.  We talked about what she had and decided on a 50's theme.  My dad reached out to a friend who has a bunch of restored old cars and we caught up with him the Saturday before Easter.  All the cars were great, but we decided to go with a Black and Pink Ford Victoria from the 50's.  It was a beautiful car, complete with fuzzy dice.  He pulled it out of his workshop for us to use as a prop.

The sun was bright, not a cloud in the sky, which sounds lovely, unless you are photographer.  The sun creates unwanted shadows, causes the model to squint, and in general, wreaks havoc.   I used a flash to try to diminish some of the shadows, but it only did so much.  Julia was a good sport, and looked terrific in her poodle skirt, old letterman's jacket she borrowed from her mom, and class ring on a chain around her neck.  We took a bunch of photos, both in and out of the car.  I processed them all in Photoshop to make them look a little more "vintage."  Here are the resulting images:

This is the image I submitted for the assignment

This is the image I submitted for the assignment

Next week's assignment is to illustrate a posthumous article on an author from the 1940's and 1950's.  It must feature "an elegant writing tool."  I tried to find an old typewriter to no avail, so I'm planning to use a fountain pen.