Project 52

Assignment 38: A Creative

This assignment should've fallen right in my wheelhouse.  I've been photographing creative people for the past 15 months.  As soon as the assignment was posted, I began reaching out to puppeteers.  I've been wanting to feature one on my Hands On blog for a while now, so I used this Project 52 opportunity to do it.  There is a "puppet house" right in Hoboken, NJ, a town in which I lived for five years and I love to go back there to see all the changes.  Unfortunately, all the work that Puppet Heap does is under non-disclosure agreements with their clients, so I wasn't allowed in their studio.  The person who responded from Puppet Heap did recommend several others, so I reached out to them.

I ran into the same issue with a few others; they were also under NDAs.  I'm hoping to catch up to one of them at some point in the future when they are working on a personal project.  One woman I wrote to was willing to do it, but we couldn't find a time that worked for both of us.  All this correspondence led me to 4 days before the assignment was due with no "creative" in sight.

I started to brainstorm about some options locally, and realized I had also thought about photographing a florist.  I went to a local florist in Franklin Lakes, NJ and they were willing to participate.  I went back the next day when they were in full swing - lots of flowers for first holy communions, a funeral, and several other bouquets.  The flowers were beautiful and the team at Colony Florist are amazing at arranging flowers. 

Due to the busy atmosphere, I kept my lighting simple - one light that I could keep out of the way as much as possible.  I photographed Alan, the owner of the business and two of his staff, so the one light allowed me to quickly bounce between the three of them as the work ebbed and flowed.  While they worked and I snapped, we had a great conversation.  I learned quite a bit about the flower market and which flowers will be in low supply due to a recent frost (peonies, I think).  I also learned that Christmas roses and Valentine's Day roses are specially grown for the season, as they don't typically grow that time of year, hence the high prices. 

The team considered putting me to work, at which point I drew the photo shoot to a close.  I'd like to thank Alan and his team at Colony Florist, Linda and Marie, for their patience and willingness to participate in my project.  I had a great time and had a smile on my face most of the day from being surrounded by flowers that morning!

Next week's assignment is a restaurant menu cover and the client wants it to be “HOT HOT HOT” – the tag line of the restaurant. The food is Tex-Mex and Thai combined in exciting new dishes that are heavy on spice, and a bit hot.  We have the option to shoot food, product, or people – but the idea is that you make the shot you want.  I'm leaning toward a food shoot - mostly because I'm craving Thai food!