Project 52

Assignment 47 - A Person With A Product

I've started to feel myself slipping back into my old ways of not wanting to ask someone to model for me.  I'm not sure if it is a function of my day job being a bit busier, so I don't have enough time to focus on finding someone, or if I'm just getting lazy.  Regardless, I procrastinated on this assignment too long, and ended up having to model for myself.  I am NOT a fan of doing that.  However, the goal of finishing all 52 weeks of this project backed me into a corner, so I did it.

The assignment was to shoot two images of a person with a product.  In one, the product is the focus of the shot, and in the second, the person is the main element.  Once again, I had quite a few ideas, but as I mentioned, the procrastination got the better of me, so I went with what I had accessible.  That turned out to be a fresh tube of Colgate and a toothbrush. 

For the first shot, I set up the lights in my studio to provide even lighting on the tube of toothpaste without getting any hot spots, as some of the tube was reflective.  I put on a shirt that would coordinate with the tube (yes, that's me...I coordinated my wardrobe with a tube of toothpaste) and got down to work.  It took some effort to get the right focus, but once that was sorted out, I started taking shots to get the toothpaste tube aiming toward the camera, with the entire brand name showing, while pushing some paste from the tube.  Oh, and also pushing the button on the remote for the camera.  It felt a bit like juggling at the time.  The final image is below; I certainly will never be a hand model!

The second image was to feature the person, with the product as more of a prop.  I set up some lights in our upstairs bathroom, which is a bit too busy for a product shot, but you work with what you've got.  I decided that the scene would be of me brushing my teeth with the toothpaste sitting on the counter.  To get everything in the shot, I used the reflection in the mirror to pick up the person in the image.  In retrospect, I don't like the position of the lights relative to the model; the main light should've been coming from a bit higher in the scene so it isn't as bright on the face and arm and mimics the overhead lights in the bathroom.

By far, not my best effort for this project.  Lots of lessons learned, including FIND A MODEL and don't procrastinate.  There are only five weeks left in the project, so I'll be trying to tone down the procrastination and up the image quality!