Project 52

Week 2 

When I walked into my supermarket a few weeks back, the first thing I saw inside the door was a display of Pumpkin Spice Oreos.  What???  I LOVE Autumn and all things pumpkin.  I immediately decided to focus this week's shoot on a seasonal product for my portfolio.  I grabbed a package of Oreos and headed to the milk aisle.  I also put some candy corn and a few small pumpkins in my cart, and on my way out, I also picked up something for dinner, which is why I went to the store in the first place. 

Having been through 52 weeks of this project already, I've found I've gotten a lot quicker with my light set up, particularly when a shiny surface is involved.  This has given me time to work more on alternate compositions.  My first attempt with the oreos and milk was shooting the scene on a white background.  I liked it, but the glass carafe got lost in the background and it lacked real punch.  

I decided to cover the light on the backdrop with an orange gel to see what that would do.  I loved the visual impact of the gelled background, but the milk bottle started to show undesired reflections on the front.  At that point, I turned off the studio lights and reached out to some fellow photographers to get their input.  

With their suggestions in hand, I worked on the distracting reflections in the milk bottle the following night and got to the shot in my mind.  

One of the suggestions from the photographers I reached out to was to include a shot of the milk being poured from the carafe into the glass.  This took a few attempts to ensure my pouring hand wasn't in the shot, and to make sure the pour looked good.  I also had to fill in the gaps left by the carafe not sitting on the table.  I added some more Oreos to the scene to round it out.  This is the final result:

Next week's shoot is another product shot.  The directions were to shoot a still life which includes a flower in the shot.  I'm thinking champagne and roses...