Project 52

Assignment 52 - The Grand Finale (Part 1)

The final assignment was a big one, so I've split my final 2015 Project 52 blog post into two installments...kinda like the last Harry Potter movie, but with wider viewership - HA!  The assignment was to produce six images to be submitted as part of a bid for a company who is undergoing a re-branding exercise.  The assignment is a mix of portraits and product images, all of which should reflect a similar style.  The instruction was for a style that says "modern" without being antiseptic or too stark.

Having worked in the "Adult Beverage" industry for a few years, I think that is an area in which I'd like to focus some effort in building my portfolio.  I decided to use this assignment to move in that direction.  I reached out to several small, local breweries, cideries, and distilleries.  The first to get back to me were Twisted Limb Cider and Jersey Spirits Distillery, both located in my home state of New Jersey. 

Dave mixes me a drink

During the last Saturday of August, I headed to Jersey Spirits to meet owners Sue Lord and John Granata.  Their production facility and tasting room are located in Fairfield, NJ.  They got their license about a year ago, and have been open for business ever since.  While they weren't producing spirits on the day that I was there, John was testing the alcohol content of a Boardwalk Rum, in preparation for bottling.  While John got himself set up, I headed into the tasting room to take some photos of the barman, Dave.  The bar and tables were made from reclaimed wood, and the whole atmosphere was quite cool.

After taking some images of Dave mixing drinks, I headed back into the production area and began taking photos of John as he measured the alcohol content, adjusting it by using distilled water, and finally got it to the point where he could begin bottling.  Not a bottle filling production line like that shown in the intro to Laverne & Shirley, Jersey Spirits' bottle filler was a single bottle machine with an automated shut off so the bottles don't get over filled.  The final steps were the finishing touches - putting the cork in the bottle, branding the cork, labeling the bottles and putting shrink wrap around the necks.  This was all done by hand. 

Jersey Spirits-52.jpg

Jersey Spirits Distillery is located at 1275 Bloomfield Avenue in Fairfield, NJ.  They make vodka, rum, gin, whiskey and bourbon, plus their secret "hooch."  They make many different mixed drinks out of Jersey Spirits products in their tasting room.  They also run tours and a variety of classes, all of which you can read about on their website:  I encourage you to visit them!

Jersey Spirits Distillery owners John Granata and Sue Lord.

Jersey Spirits Distillery owners John Granata and Sue Lord.

I bought a few products to stock Doug's bar.  And to practice some product photography!

I bought a few products to stock Doug's bar.  And to practice some product photography!

Come back next week for Part 2 of the Grand Finale!